Children aged 4 to 15 years are sick, that is, during the period of active growth of the skeleton. The main symptoms: pain in the bones of a aching nature, crunching in the joints, subsequently - deformities of most joints, short stature and short fingers.

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Diagnosis is based on the features of the clinical course, confirmed by X-ray data. Treatment includes trace elements, vitamins, biological stimulants, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and massage. Some patients require orthopedic correction and/or surgery. With timely diagnosis and adequate treatment, the progression of the disease stops, in many cases it even regresses.

Properly organized prevention leads to a lower incidence of morbidity in people living in endemic areas.

A century ago, the prevalence of avodart disease in such foci reached 30-40% of the population.

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However, the names that are given by the names of dutasteride or researchers do not reflect the essence of the disease, so a number of more precise nosological definitions have to be introduced: Kashin-Beck disease is endemic deforming osteochondroarthritis, endemic polyarthritis, chronic progressive polyarthritis, specific arthropathy, etc.

We are talking about a systemic degenerative-dystrophic process that affects cartilage and bone tissues, causing short stature, short fingers, multiple symmetrical deformities of the joints, limitation of their mobility and other disorders in the development of the musculoskeletal system.

Medical genetic studies were carried out - they also showed a certain influence of the hereditary factor.

With the development of the medical care system in the region, this indicator has been reduced, but in comparison with non-endemic areas, it remains very high today (according to various estimates, from 7% to 10%); the insufficient effectiveness of the fight against this severe pathology is due, first of all, to the ambiguity of the pathogenesis.

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First of all, geochemical factors were studied: the content of dutasteride, iron, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, strontium, iodine, thallium, barium, silver, sodium, and cobalt in soils.

The incidence does not depend on gender, but is in direct relationdepending on age: the manifestation of avodart disease always occurs at the stage of the most intensive growth and development of skeletal structures (age interval 6 - 14 years).

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The endemicity of a particular disease may be due to heredity, which is burdened in some population, for example, due to territorial isolation and a large number of closely related marriages; cultural factors (for example, peculiarities of national cuisine and other customs); certain adverse environmental conditions (climate, the presence of pathogens, the prevalence of parasites, deficiency or excess of certain substances in drinking water, etc.). All these possible causes in different years have been carefully investigated in relation to pills disease.

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There are three levels of expression. So, at the first, thickening and noticeable deformation concerns only the phalangeal joints on the fingers, pain occurs only during stress; mobility is limited, as a rule, in the elbow and ankle joints. In more severe degrees, there is a pronounced multiple deformity of the joints, their thickening, a significant or sharp limitation of movements, a constant audible crunch, short stature, certain curvatures of the spine and legs, short fingers, flat feet and many other gross anomalies in the structure of the musculoskeletal system.

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In addition, with a significant severity of such anomalies, pathological changes are also observed in many other body systems (skin, lungs, heart, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract). When establishing a diagnosis, examination and history taking (living in an endemic area, age of manifestation, features of dynamics, etc.) is of paramount importance. X-ray examination of bone structures is performed.

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An analysis of the mineral composition of blood and urine is prescribed (with Kashin-Beck disease, an abnormally high calcium content and a deficiency of phosphorus are observed in the blood; in the urine, on the contrary).

It is the normalization of the balance of calcium and phosphorus that is the primary task of the therapeutic strategies practiced today.

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As a rule, anti-arthritis treatment (ATP, aloe, vitreous body, etc.), vitamin therapy, physiotherapy procedures (very effective, in particular, radon baths) are also prescribed. With early diagnosis and early treatment, approximately one in three patients can reverse avodart pills.

However, sometimes it is possible to restore joint mobility and eliminate contractures (blockade of joints in a certain position) only through surgical intervention in a specialized orthopedic hospital.